SCardMan: Your Smart Card Managing Solution. Simple and affordable.


Register a smart card and change admin key
Keep track of issued smart cards
Unblock smart cards
Remote unblock smart cards
Request certificates from application
Request certificate enrollment agent certificate from application
Associate an Active Directory user object with the smart card

Audit Trail and Access      

All actions in SCardMan are logged and may be used to check who performed actions on specific smart card.

Minidriver Smart Cards      

Windows systems use a unified interface for Smart Cards. Each Smart Card supporting minidriver specification v5 or higher can be managed with SCardMan.

Integrated with Active Directory

SCardMan interacts with Active Directory and Active Directory Certificate Services. They are used to lookup users to associate Smart Cards with and perform cerficate enrollment directly from application.

All needed Smart Card Management Options

SCardMan can be used to change the default admin key, change the user PIN, perform local and remote unblocking and manage objects on the smart card.